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iPad Repair Service Center in Kerala

The certified technicians at iTel Care Indias are considered the best experts in Apple iPad repair and servicing in Kerala.
As a leader among Apple service centers in Kerala, we use only genuine Apple parts and replacements.When we service your iPad, you can rest easy knowing that your iPad is 100% genuine and has been repaired by trained and qualified technicians.

iPad repair services center in Kochi

Screen repairing service includes swapping the display repair dead pixel, screen shatter, tear or whatsoever.

iPad battery repair services Kochi

If device is not syncing or charging we can help you out with viable solutions.

iPad speaker repair services Kochi

If the speaker on your device is no more working distortion with music playbacks and other factors.

Camera Repair Service

iPad camera service will trade or seek out the possible misfortune you are facing with your front or rear camera.

iPad Diagnostic Service

iPad Diagnostic Service includes all the problems with your iPad.Our experts will monitor your iPad and will fix the problems.

Volume Button Repair

Services includes repairing volume button of your iPad, also provides mute button repair service.

Microphone Repair

If you are facing problem with your iPad Microphone, Bring device to us.Our experts will provide better solutions.

Network Problem

If you are facing Network Problem with your iPad, Our experts will monitor the iPad and will repair without delay.

Power Button Repair

We will service any issue identified with the power button and other manual buttons that depicts issue on or off backing on your iPad.

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   Water Damage Repair Service
   iPad Back Housing Replacement
   Mute/Rotate Lock Switch Repair
   Docking and Charging Port Repair             
   Front Panel Repair Services
   Rear Case Repair
   iPad Dead
   iPad Jail Break
   iPad Logic Board Repair
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iTel Care India is the No.1 repairing and servicing center for iPhones, iPad all other Apple products in Kochi (Cochin),Kerala.

  • Huge Logistics For Apple Spares & Accessories
  • 10-30 Mins Express Service
  • Genuine Imported & Guaranteed Spares
  • Most Modern Repair Facilities
  • No Inspection Charges
  • All Apple Products Serviced
  • Kerala's Most Trusted Service